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Zero Waste February

Hi Everyone!

We are starting a no-waste challenge this February. For the last few months, we’ve been implementing more sustainable practices into our day-to-day routine, but this month we want to really take stock of how much waste we are creating at home, work, school, etc.


To start, we’ll be spending Week 1 establishing the tools and methods we’re going to use to ensure the least amount of waste creation. Already, we have tote & reusable bags for shopping, glass jars for storing bulk items, or packing meals. Every morning, I transfer my coffee from the Chemex (with reusable filter) to my Hydro Flask thermos to take to class. You also won’t find any paper towels in our kitchen, just hand towels and rags for cleaning. Yet despite our progress, we still find more unnecessary waste accumulating in our trash and recycling bins each week.

One of our goals for the week is to extend our mindfulness outside our apartment and into our daily routine at work and school. That means packing cutlery and lunches in glass Tupperware, foregoing the individually wrapped protein bars for homemade granola, etc. This week we REFUSE to accept any plastic bags with purchases, either bringing our own or carrying items home. Our expectations are realistic when it comes to “zero” waste, but hopefully throughout this month the waste we accumulate can be recycled, composted, or better yet, avoided altogether!

Each week we’ll share our takeaways and set new goals. As always, any tips or recommendations are appreciated!

Happy February!

Kathryn & Hunter


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