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Zero Waste Challenge: Week 1

The first week of Zero Waste February is complete! While we didn’t keep our waste at exactly zero, we started the month off strong. Reusable bags and glass jars for buying in bulk made grocery shopping easy; however, it is seemingly impossible to leave the grocery store without some plastic container or twist tie. Next week we hope to take it one step further and start building some new habits.


Updates & Takeaways

  • You learn a surprising amount about yourself and your habits when you rummage through your own trash (i.e. what you spend money on, what you deem worth the contribution to landfills, and areas for improvement)
  • This summer, we’ll stock up on fresh fruit from local farms to avoid buying so many bags of frozen fruit for our smoothies.
  • Not pictured: plastic wrapped around store-bought meats (yet another reason to cut meat from our diets; we’ll try buying meats from a deli or butcher next time), chipotle take out, despite the use of hankies, copious amount of tissues and cough drops to combat our colds this week.
  • A lot of the waste we accumulated this week were gifts or purchases we made before beginning our effort to go zero waste.

This week we have become more aware of the habits we need to create to limit our waste accumulation = not using paper towels or napkins, keeping silverware and a spare reusable bag in our purses, and learning to say no to unnecessary plastic bags or other items.

Wish us luck on week 2!

-Kathryn & Hunter


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