Our Winter Garden: Yearning for Spring

After surviving the bomb cyclone and frigid winter weather during the past few weeks, we are desperately looking forward to spring. We recently received our official community garden plot number for the upcoming year: T4! That’s roughly 20 x 16 feet of additional space from last year’s half plot (which we will be turning into our herb garden). We’ve started the planning process of where and when to begin planting our soon-to-be vegetables. Our excitement (and cabin fever) peaked on Sunday and we drove to check out the location and status of our new plot. It’ll need some work once the ground thaws, but T4 is in a prime location – and huge! We checked on the sleeping garlic we planted in our half plot in late October, which will hopefully survive the ice and snow and stretch out green arms in a few months. Now all we can do is plan and purchase our seeds, dreaming of summer harvests!

-Kathryn & Hunter


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