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5 Hikes within 20 miles of DC: Rock Creek Park

We took advantage of the break in freezing weather last weekend with a quick hike in Rock Creek Park. Despite its proximity to D.C., once we hit the trails we felt like we were out in the mountains and not 25 minutes from our apartment. Rock Creek Park is massive. We started by the nature preserve center and horse stables, but we still have so much of the park to explore.

Rock Creek Park

There were plenty of other hikers and families enjoying the Spring-like weather and the chirping robins that seemed to be everywhere we turned. It was refreshing to pass by a diversity of hikers on our hike, in age, race, etc. Everyone was so friendly and excited to be outside without trekking through the recent snow. But, the remains of the snow were apparent in the mud. Since this is the first winter that Hunter and I have ever experienced a significant amount of snow, we didn’t anticipate the incredible amount of mud that accumulates as the snow melt. Luckily the fallen leaves kept the path from being a complete swamp.


Since we were hiking during the brief government shutdown, there weren’t any park rangers out and about, but the privately operated horse stables were still busy (pro-tip: stick to the horse free trails to avoid the piles of poop hidden beneath the leaves). The different trails throughout the park offer a wide range of challenging and leisurely hikes. We’ll definitely be back soon!

-Kat & Hunter


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